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A little bit about me!

Hi! This is a little bit about me and the reason why I decided to start my own blog. My blog is really about my love of food and cooking. I started cooking at a very young age of 10, my first time cooking, I made rice. It is just typical of Puerto Rico to teach kids how to cook and help at home. I was so excited about cooking that my mom was teaching me how to cook, but I could not reach the stove lol, so my mom used a can of export soda crackers. That was my very first time cooking. After that, I learned how to make beans and help with seasoning the meat.

I was born in East Manhattan, New York to Puerto Rican parents, but we moved a lot from New York to Puerto Rico. I learned so much about my parents culture that I walked around so happy to be NYRican. I love the food, the music, the people and a very good Salsa dancer.

I have to give so much credit to my Grandmother who is no longer here with us, but she left a legacy. Her legacy of cooking, I watched her cook in her apartment in Puerto Rico, Las Cumbres. I helped her prep the dishes. She cooked amazingly to me, well known in her community for her delicious alcapurrias, pasteles, Limber, and many more dishes. The holidays were amazing because she would cook for her family but also for the church she attended. May she rest in heavenly peace!

My Aunt, I learned so much from her. Titi Margie, I love you s