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Coquito Rico

Oh yes Coquito… our famous coconut drink, made with 3 different milks like condensed milk, evaporated milk, coconut milk, cream of coconut, and spices.

Coquito is a traditional drink from Puerto Rico, made with rum. Originally made around the 1900’s, but coquito didn’t get noticed till the 1950’s due to the fact that coquito needed to be refrigerated.

This delicious festive drink contains vanilla, cinnamon, rum and milk. You will find coquito in many homes in Puerto Rico and in many Puerto Rican family homes in the states for the holidays.

Coquito is made in different forms and now you will find many varieties of flavors, like Nutella, Chocolate, Pistachio, Strawberry, and many more. Some make it with eggs, and some make a concoction with different spices boiled and added to the coquito for that extra amazing flavor.

You can enjoy this creamy delicious drink with or without alcohol. You can choose what kind of rum to add but it’s best with white rum.

I am so excited to share this recipe with you, and I hope you enjoy it with your love ones.

Picante y Sabor Food🌶


1 can 14 oz condense milk

1 can 15 oz cream of coconut

1 can 13.5 oz coconut milk

1 can 12 oz evaporated milk

1 tsp of vanilla

1/8 tsp of nutmeg grated

2 tsp to your liking of cinnamon (I personally like a lot) and some for garnish.

1 cup of white or dark rum (optional)

Shredded coconut for garnish