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Limber de Nutella

Nutella Limber

Here’s another recipe that you will enjoy. Nutella limber, my daughter Aryanna’s favorite flavor of Limber. This tastes so good you will want more and more.

The good thing about this recipe is that you can add as much Nutella as you like. It taste like chocolate hazelnut, soft and creamy.

Just make sure you use a blender to incorporate everything for a more delicious flavor.

Freeze 8 hours or over night. Once the Nutella Limber is done you can gently squeeze the bottom of the cup so the frozen limber pops up. Flip the limber over and place it upside in the cup. Flipping the Limber upside down is our favorite part, and a tradition in Puerto Rico.


1 can of condense milk

1 can of evaporated milk

1 cup of whole milk (in my case I used lactose milk)

1/2 cup of Nutella

2 tsp of vanilla extract

1/8 tsp of cinnamon


Mix all milk, Nutella, vanilla, and cinnamon together in a blender until mixture is thoroughly combined.

Pour mixture into 3 oz Disposable Cups. Freeze 8 hours to overnight.