1 box No Bake Classic Cheesecake

1 tsp of vanilla (optional)

1 1/2 cup of Graham crackers

1 tbs of brown sugar

2 tbs of granulated sugar

7 tbs of unsalted butter, melted

8 oz tub whipped cream

1 can of Cherry Pie Filling

2 mason jars


In a processor pulverized the crackers, I added about 10 full sheets. Add the sugar, melted butter and mix well. Add it to mason jars, and place them in refrigerator for a few minutes.

Follow the directions on cheesecake box, and mix well in a blender. I added 1 tsp of vanilla but that’s optional. Finally, fold in the container of Cool Whip.

Place crumb mixture in the bottom of the jar and compress using either a spoon or in my case I used a pestle. You can also buy a tart tamper in Amazon.

Next add the cheesecake pudding mixture.

Set the jars in the refrigerator and allow to chill for up to 2 hours.

Remove from the refrigerator and add the cherry pie filling.


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Updated: Mar 6


Chicken cut into chunks 3-4 lbs

2 tbs of adobo

1 Sazon with color

1/2 tsp Oregano

1/2 tsp of onion powder

1 to 2 garlic minced or garlic powder

1/2 vinegar

1/2 tsp of pepper


3/4 cup of corn starch

1 cup of flour

1 packet of Sazon with color

1 tsp of adobo

Oil for frying

Place the chicken in a container. Combine all the ingredients and pour over the chicken. Cover the chicken and marinate for one hour in the fridge or overnight.

While the oil heats up in medium high, combine the chicken breading ingredients in a separate container.

Coat each piece of chicken with the breading mixture. Fry the chicken in batches, until golden brown and crispy. This should take 10-15 minutes, depending on the size of your chicken pieces.

Drain the chicken on paper towels and serve immediately.

I served the Chicharron de Pollo

with Arañitas, and Garlic Mojito. Enjoy!

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Cornmeal Sticks with Cheese

Sorullos de Maiz (Cornmeal Sticks) are amazing appetizers made from cornmeal with sugar or cheese. These little tasty snacks are so good, you won’t stop eating them.

In Puerto Rico, they usually make them for breakfast and enjoyed with a great cup of coffee. But these appetizers can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

I remember my grandmother making these for me but with sugar since I was not a fan of cheese. Now as an adult I stuff it with my favorite cheese but you can use any cheese of your liking.  I also make a dipping sauce called mayo-ketchup made with mayonnaise, ketchup and garlic.

Here’s my recipe, very simple and easy to make.



1 1/2 cup yellow cornflour 

1 1/4 cup water

1/4 cup of sugar

2 tbsp butter

1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese or cheese of liking

1 tsp salt


In a small pot, pour the water and bring it to a gentle boil. Add sugar, salt, and butter, stirring until butter melts.

Add the corn flour and lower the temperature while stirring constantly to dissolve clumps. Add 1/2 cup of cheese and stir to melt it.

Let the cornflour chill until you can handle it without burning your hands. Don’t let it cool completely because it will be harder to shape.

On a clean plate, place the dough and flatten it like an oval tortilla. Add shredded cheese in the center and fold the dough until you shape it like a cylinder, I also use my hands to shape it. Repeat this process with the rest of the sorullitos.

Fry the sorullitos de maíz until they are golden/ brown and crispy outside. Let it rest over  paper  paper towels and serve with mayo-ketchup.

Picante y Sabor Food🌶

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